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High Voltage / Sub-Station Testing Equipments and Services

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VLF Hipot Test Set series
0.. 30- 90 kV

Very low frequency  AC high voltage test set
VLF Applications
Cable Installation And/Or Repair Monitoring the integrity of cable insulation has always been the top priority among electric utilities because it ensures continuity of suplly. During routine maintenance, by detecting early insulation deterioration, remedial measures can be taken to repair economically and at convenience. Cable runs can have high capacitance. An AC hipot test using VLF is the best reliable means to check cable integrity.
    Rotating machinery Large motors and generators require several tests with AC voltage.  use a VLF hipot  meets the requirement of IEEE 433. Others Testing of transformers, bushings, full reel cable and other high capacitance loads.
How to use VLF Hipot Tester
VLF hipot is simple micro controller based tester. The load is connected to the HV output and ground return of the VLF unit. Set the test voltage, maximum current, time and start. The test voltage is applied for the set duration. The load under test either holds the voltage and passes or fails. It is a go/no go test. Print the results on the in-built printer.
  It combines modern advanced variable digital frequency technology and micro computer control to perform full automatic The applied test voltage, frequency, current, and time are displayed and recorded. The load independent, symmetrical output wave form avoids the potentially destructive space charge effects caused by DC polarization that occurs in aged extruded cables causing them to fail prematurely when exposed to conventional high voltage DC.
l Specifications
1. Output Voltage Output Voltage  60  kV  Peak (suitable for 36kV power system)
2.Load capacity 
0.1Hz,?1.1?F,0.05Hz,?2.2?F, 0.02Hz,?5.5?F
3.Output Modes AC Hipot (VLF) Sinusoidal and load independent. Burn, Cable Fault Conditioning Mode
4.VLF Test Frequencies Selectable 0.1 Hz, 0.05Hz,0.02 Hz
5.Power Supply 220V 50Hz  AC+/-5%  Measurement Accuracy < 3%
6.Voltage Waveform Distortion  <5%
7. Positive And Negative Voltage Peak Errors .3%
8.Duty Cycle :   Continuous
9.Metering Voltage:      -True RMS and/or Peak,  0.1 kV 1% ,Current . 0.1mA 1%
10.Environment temperature -10 C to 40 C
11. Other voltage ratings require please contact us
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