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High Voltage / Sub-Station Testing Equipments and Services

GD-6000A is designed to measure the capacitance and dielectric loss factor (tan delta) of electric equipments. It can test grounded equipments(GST), non-grounded equipments(UST), and  completely-sealed CVT (Capacitive Voltage Transformer) and standard capacitor.
        It generates the testing High-voltage by itself, and the frequency is      45 to 55Hz to  avoid the electromagnetic interference from power frequency, in order to ensure the measuring accuracy.

1. ambient Condition   -15C - 40C : RH 80% 
2. Anti-interference frequency conversion 
3. Power Supply AC 220V +/-10%  generator can be used 
4. High Voltage Output 0.5KV-10KV  Each step 0.1kV  precision 2%    Maximum  Current 200mA  Capacity 1500VA 
5. Self-Excited Power   AC 0V-50V/15A   45HZ/55HZ 
6. Definition tg delta : 0.001% Cx: 0.01pF 
7. Precision : tg delta (Reading*1.0%+0.040%)  Cx : (Reading*1.0%+1.00PF) 
8. Measuring Range
   tg delta : Without Limit 
   Cx  :  15pF< Cx< 300nF 
   10KV Cx< 60 nF 
   5KV Cx< 150 nF 
   1KV Cx< 300 nF 
   CVT Test Cx < 300 nF 
9. Measuring range of CVT ratio 10 - 10000 
     CVT Precision ratio 0.1% 
     CVT resolution ratio 0.01 
10. Dimension 430 mm Lx 330mm Wx 330mm H 
11. Storage Size 80 Group 
12. Weight 27 Kg
GD6000A    10 kV  Insulation Capacitance and Tan delta test
CVT ratio measurement included !
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Capacitance and Tandelta  Factor  test
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