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High Voltage / Sub-Station Testing Equipments and Services

300 KV   1.2/50 uS    Lightning Impulse Voltage test  completed set

The generator is sutable for 24- 36KV  voltage level standard full-wave lightning impulse voltage test of large capacity power transformers, transformers, reactors, arrester, switch, casing, insulator and other test materials.
The generator used for the indoor environment, the environment temperature -10 c ~ +40 c, relative humidity less than 90%, not more than 1000 meters above sea level, insulation surface should be dry, dry after the generator can be used normally.

Technical parameter

1. Rated voltage 300KV
2. Voltage class rating: 100KV
3. Rated energy 12.KJ
4. Total Impulse capacitance: 0.26 uF
5. Single pulse capacitor 1.56.uF/50KV x 2, 3 sets)
6. Load capacitance 500 ~ 30000PF
7. Measured output impulse voltage waveform
      1). 1.2/50us full-wave lightning impulse voltage, voltage efficiency >85%
       2) impulse voltage waveform parameters and their deviations are conformed  with the IEC standards.
       3). Working continuous time: continous running if charging and discharging 1 time every 90 seconds over 2/3 rated voltage; continous running if charging and discharging 1 time every 45 seconds under 2/3 rated voltage.
Price  1,2xx,xxx-
Lightning impulse voltage test
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