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High Voltage / Sub-Station Testing Equipments and Services

This equipment is mainly used for partial discharge measurement  of the 36 kV
sytem voltage level for power products such as CT&PT ,transformers, surge
arrester,  high voltage circuit breakers, cables accessories, products for power
frequency voltage withstand test and partial discharge test and research pilot.
Technical specification conform to IEC 60270 .

Equipment components.

1.PD free  Test Transformer (10KVA /100KV)
2.Test Controller (10KVA/200V)   
3.Power Isolation Filter (10KVA/220V) 
4. PD Coupling Capacitor(100KV/150pF)
5.Current Limit Resistance (100kV/2K)
6.Partial Discharge Tester  (HSJFD-3A)

Main technical data  :
Testing scope: 6PF - 250uF
Sensitivity: 0.02PC
Amplifier band:
   (1) low-end: 10KHZ, 20KHZ, 40KHZ optional
   (2) high-end: 80KHZ, 200KHZ, 300KHZ optional
Amplifier adjustment:
6 coarse grade, 20db each grade;
scope of fine-tune> 20db.
Time window:
   (1) Window Width: 15 - 150?Adjustable 
   (2) Window Position: Each window can be rotated 0 -170?
   (3) 2 windows can be opened separately or simultaneously.
Discharge scale:
   (1) Analog Meter: logarithmic scale 1-10-100, error<5%
      linear scale 0-1000 Error<5% (based on full-scale meter)
   (2) Digital Header: 3.5 LED shows 0-100, error<5%
   (1) Frequency 50HZ, 100HZ, 150HZ, 200HZ, 400HZ
   (2) Elliptical rotation: 30?each grade, it can be used for 120?rotation
   (3) Display: Oval - straight line
   (4) high-frequency input voltage:13V-275V,  power:<1VA
Patial discharge Detection system
100kV /10kVA
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Partial discharge Detection system
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