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High Voltage / Sub-Station Testing Equipments and Services

GDB-II is a new generation of transformer turns ratio tester.The testing process is quick and fully-automatic.Another important function of GDB-II is automatically measuring the connection group of transformer.Balancing the bridge,Taking the readings on the LCD screen,then printing the results by built-in printer.
1. Fully automatic testing, no manual balancing .
2. Test single phase and three phase transformers .
Transformer turn ratio test 
Transformer DC winding resistance test 
DC resistance Tester of transformer winding is necessary in the transformer testing, overhaul and change the tap, the essential pilot projects. Under normal circumstances, the traditional method (bridge method and the voltage drop method) to measure the transformer windings and high power inductor DC resistance of the device is a time consuming task. In order to change this situation,reducing measurement time and reducing the workload of testers, the company has developed a rapid test device DC resistance ( hereinafter referred to as direct resistance meter.) It uses new power technology, with stable performance, measuring the rapid, compact, easy to use, high accuracy, reproducibility is good.   Is the measurement of transformer winding DC resistance and high power inductor devices ideal equipment.
YJJ-series model  is developed conform to according to the IEC 156, ASTM  D877, 1816 standard  .LCD screen can display test procedure and test result. All the human interaction operations complete by the rotating mouse .It is very easy for customers to measure the breakdown voltage of all kinds of oil YJJ-501. You can print the test result by the micro printer internal the tester. Of course, you can upload the test data to PC from RS232 for data analyzing. The special circuit design makes the tester has a good performance at stability and anti-noise.
Transformer OIL Breakdown voltage tester  series , 60-100 kV
Transformer  test
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