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High Voltage / Sub-Station Testing Equipments and Services

Digital Insulation resistance tester  combination of dot matrix liquid crystal display ,strong anti-interference,AC-DC dual-use, simple operation, automatic calculation of various insulation index (absorption ratio, polarization index), It is suitable for measuring high capacity transformers, transformers, generators, high voltage electric motors, power capacitors, power cables, surge arresters and other ideal insulation resistance test equipment.
1. Built-in residual high voltage discharge circuit, testing is completed on the device under test can be automatically let go of the residual pressure.
2. AC and DC, configuration rechargeable battery and AC adapter.
3. High voltage short circuit current > 3.5 mA,
4. Working temperature: -10C - 40C
6.. Size: 230x190x90mm 
Insulation Resistance Tester, (MEGGER TEST)
BC2305 250/500/2500/5000 V  200 GOHM
BC2306  5kV/10kV   400 GOHM

Insulation Resistance Tester, (MEGGER TEST)GD3125  500/1000/2500/5000V    2 TERA OHM
1. Multi-channel test voltage,measurement insulation resistance up to 2 T
era ohmู.
2. 31/2LCD digital show for insulation resistance value.
3. Auto switch range,easy to read.
4. Environment temperature measurement.
5. Auto-timing function,buzzer sound in every 15s.
6. R15S,R60S,R600S, absorptance,Polarization values auto measuring,calculating and saving.
7. Output short-circuit current more than 5mA,meet requirements of capacitive load fast
8. Strong anti-interference ability,stable and reliable reading.
9. Complete protection function,ensure operation security.
10. Rechargeable Li-battery.Auto power off if low battery.
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Insulation resistance test
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