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High Voltage / Sub-Station Testing Equipments and Services

Transformer winding resistance test 
0-10 A , 0-2k Ohm  single channel
Load maximum test current can be set by programme automatically
Current output range   0.01A /1A/1A/5A//10A
Resistance range   0-2k Ohm
Technical data
1) Power source
    Working power source: AC 230 V, frequency 50Hz
    Test voltage: DC 30V
     Current output: 10A max
2) Working conditions
    Temperature:-20C ~ 50C ,relative humidity: < 80%
    Working time :continuum
3) out put data : Accuray: 0.2%, 2 digits Max.resolution: 1 uOHM
4) Memory records quantity: 200 records
5 ) Dimension: 330*218*140mm, Weight: 6.5kg
Transformer winding resistance test 
0-10 A , 0-2k Ohm  Double channel
higher measurement speed
1) One Current output  I+ and  I-  connected to outside end of tested product's resistance and  two voltage input V1+,V1- ...V2+,V2- can be measureed in the same time
2)  Earthing terminal: protecting the unit.
3)  Temperature probe.
4)  Arc suppressionFindicating Arc status .
5)  Power socket  : AC 230V  ,10%with  10A safe fuse inside.
6)  Power switch.
7)  Contrast knob Fused to adjust contrast
8)  USB jack.
9)  Keypress : left key : right key : A INTER  key : used to adjust cursor position and numerical value and then confirm.
10) LCD screen.
11) Printer  : printing test data.
Price  9x,xxx-
Price  17x,xxx-
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Transformer winding resistance test
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