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High Voltage / Sub-Station Testing Equipments and Services

CT/PT analyser
full function test CT/PT characteristics and  follow      IEC 6044-1,IEC 6044-6, IEEE C57.13  
ST - 8404  CT/PTanalyzer is special tester for current transformer and
voltage transformer. It takes DSP techniques as core to sample and
data process. The instrument finishes CT/PT  tests based on different
low frequency. It has 8.4 inches LCD to display and a 8.4 inches
touch pad for operation. The tester has the characteristic of high
precision, strong anti-jamming and easy operation

       CT measurement
1)Excitation curve and parameters test
2)Turns ratio test
3)Ratio and phase error test
4)Polarity mark check
5)Coil resistance measurement
6)Secondary loop burden measurement
7)Error line curve test for protection CT
8)Transient CT parameters test
9)CT nameplate guess
VT measurement:
1)Excitation curve test
2) Ratio and phase error test
3)Polarity test 
4) Secondary burden test
5) Coil resistance test
1)Applied standard  : IEC6044-1,IEC 6044-6 ,IEEE C57.13
2.) current measurement  0 -10 A
3 ) voltage measurement  0-200 V
4 ) Burden CT :   0-160 ohm, PT : 0-80k ohm
5) ratio : 10-10000

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